Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is such a  beautiful time of year.  I love to hear the birds singing first thing in the morning.  I celebrate the longer days by running a few miles in the neighborhood or at the park.  In the afternoon my puppy Teal and I enjoy basking in the sunlight on the deck.  But most of all I like to pack away all that is winter and unleash the spring colors.  This year I am in love with the new shades of Spring: coral, lavender, honeysuckle, chartreuse, aqua, navy, and fuchsia.  I am also feeling so inspired by the sweet flowers, roses, and chrysanthemums being featured on bags, shoes, and clothes.  Finally, I am coveting anything and everything whimsical, vintage, and romantic!  Would love to know what you are coveting this spring.  Wishing you all well and  try and celebrate the season every chance you get!

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